Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and Solar Systems are the perfect combination. Together they can assure that the maximum amount of renewable energy is captured, available and used in a building or facility. This results in:

Lower cost of power

Greener operations of the facility

Backup power in case of power outages

Higher quality power (preventing damage to equipment and disruption within the facility)

Reduction of the effect of future power cost increases

Energy Storage Systems are comprised of the following main elements:

Batteries for chemical storage of electric energy

Inverters that convert the battery’s DC power to AC power when providing power from the batteries to an electric system

A control system and software for managing the battery’s charging and discharging, the battery’s health and state of charge

Energy Storage Systems & Solar Systems are now very attractive due to technological advancement & increased production volumes.

Electric Cost Structure

The typical cost structure of electricity is comprised of energy (kWh) charges, power (kW) charges (such as demand charges), as well as service charges and taxes.

The most effective way to reduce all these charges on your power bill is often by using the combination of Solar Power and Energy Storage Systems.

Battery Management

Our strategic partner will control the Energy Storage System in order to optimize your power cost savings while keeping enough energy stored in the batteries to assure operations in case of power outages.

Project Implementation Models

Our services for energy storage are offered on an “owner pays” (EPC) basis and on a zero-investment basis. In the latter case, our clients can enjoy power cost savings and backup power availability without needing to invest. This is based on a Power Purchase Agreement / Lease.