Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

We design, engineer and construct complete systems including:

Solar PV systems

Energy Storage Systems

Cogeneration Systems

Energy Efficiency projects

Operations and Maintenance Services

We operate and maintain the following types of systems at the request of our clients:

Solar PV systems

Energy Storage Systems

Cogeneration Systems

Project management and consulting

Our project managers can manage and implement your renewable energy, clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

Our engineers, consultants and technicians can provide a second opinion, value engineering, or add creative ideas and improvements.

Financing Options

Leases and Power Purchase Agreements

We offer Leases as well as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) for the energy generation and energy storage systems we install.

These options enable projects if our clients do not wish to invest themselves.

Performance Contracting

We offer to invest in the equipment and installation of efficiency improvement measures and share the savings with the owner of the facility.

This way the measures are implemented, the owner gets immediate financial savings and greens its operations. The facility owners have an option to buy and own the energy improvements at any time during the contract.

Alternative financing sources

We can assist with obtaining alternative sources of financing via Michigan Saves and PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy).

We are a Michigan Saves authorized contractor.

Grants, Rebates and Incentives

We help our clients finding their way in the field of grants, rebates and incentives. We assist in grant applications, obtaining utility rebates and in getting other incentives (including tax incentives) that are available for the different types of energy projects that we implement.