Why solar power?

Compared to electricity from the grid, solar power is:

Cheaper – solar power now costs less than grid electricity thanks to the declining prices of solar equipment and services.

Cleaner – solar systems do not generate emissions of any kind.

More reliable – solar power does not depend on long distance transmission lines. When batteries are included, they can provide a secure backup during electric outages.

Lower Cost

Solar power is especially attractive in areas with high power prices like the US Midwest. The cost of solar power is now lower than that of power generated with fossil or nuclear fuels. This is largely thanks to the reduction in equipment prices: the cost of solar panels has declined by 85% in the last 10 years. Power from the grid will continue its historic increase over time. All of this makes solar power a low risk investment that will produce increasing returns for many decades.

Power price risk reduction

The power price risk of solar power is virtually zero because the “fuel” is free while operations and maintenance costs are minimal.


More reliable than energy from the grid

Systems require almost no maintenance, have a 25-year warranty, and an expected lifespan of 40+ years.

Environment and sustainability

Solar installations are clean and emissions-free: no CO2 (carbon), heavy metals, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, or fine particulates.

They don’t produce waste streams like ash or nuclear materials.

They don’t consume or pollute water resources.

Solar power can be generated on a facility’s existing physical footprint.

Solar power helps organizations become more sustainable and improves their public image.

Our Services


ECS services cover the entire project cycle from Engineering to Construction to Operations and Maintenance. They also include Consulting, Financing, Grant applications and interactions with utilities.

ECS clients have the choice between buying and leasing the systems. In the case of a lease, clients decrease their electricity cost without any investment.

ECS can design a solar project with the best ROI for any property by determining the best timing, location, incentives and technology.

First step

On the basis of a few questions and a recent power bill, ECS can give you an outline of options for solar power for your facility in terms of investment amount, cost savings, technology and sustainability.